Filanthi NiarxouChief Accountant of SMEs

  • She is a graduate of Upper Technological Educational Institute and member of the Economic Chamber,
  • She is lecturer in numerous Accounting and Tax Seminars,
  • She is columnist in Accounting and Tax portal of
  • License of A class Accountant
  • Member of the Economic Chamber of Athens

Before joining the Company’s Manpower, she had served for eight years as Accountant and Tax consultant in a variety of companies and accounting offices in Athens, as MANIBA L.T.D, NOVITOR S.A., GKOBA S.A. and many other Greek and subsidiaries.

Currently she is working as Chief Accountant of SMEs in EFM Accounting Services and Tax Consultant advising our clients on tax and accounting issues.


She is specialized Tax consultant in Legal entities taxation, Contracts avoiding double taxation, group tax planning, organizing financial services.She has experience in company selection and restriction methods – to minimize the total tax burden. Besides her specialization in Accounting and Tax issues, she has been working with ordinary and extraordinary audits of SMEs and large companies.

Responsible for monitoring the monthly and annual tax obligations of private companies.


She speaks English.

contact details

+30 210 6858543
Vasileos Georgiou 2-4, 15 122,
Marousi, Athens

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