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Payroll Services

The selection of E.F.M., for the computation of the payroll, secures your company against all daily changes in laws, quickly, correctly and efficiently, avoiding useless expense of time and money. We calculate the payroll of more than 80 businesses, from all sectors, in Greece, with perfect success, by ensuring as well the confidentiality of your Payroll. Please call us to seek the best solutions for your case only.

Our team consists of the most experienced executives in the market (accountants, labour experts, lawyers) who have in-depth knowledge of the subject, and are in a position to support even your most demanding projects.


Analytically, our Payroll Services are:

  • Concentration of all supporting documentation for the monthly processing of your payroll for Greek and foreign personnel
  • Printing of your monthly payroll statements
  • Printing of the monthly employee remuneration receipts (payslips)
  • Issuance of accounting entry for updating your books
  • Creation and dispatch of file to the bank for depositing the salaries to the personal accounts of your employees.
  • Customized payroll reports per category of worker (salary/day wages/hour wages) per cost center, legal address, according to the needs of your business
  • Preparation and submisssion to the labour inspectorate of the relevant statements
  • Preparation and submisssion to OAED of the contract termination forms
  • Preparation and submisssion to the tax office of compensation tax payment
    C Budgets for remuneration of employees
  • Issuance of payslips.
  • Creation and submisssion of periodical and annual withholding income tax statements
  • Updating of leave/absence book.
  • Christmas, Easter Bonuses, leave benefits
  • Customized Report depending on the customer’s needs

The programs that our office can take are as follows:

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