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What EFM means for me:
In-depth knowledge of their line of work,
Prompt services
High level of professionalism
Prompt information about all changes
Keep up the good work, guys!!!

Kostas Stefanou from GP


By choosing E.F.M., you can quickly and reliably help your company transition towards a modern environment, with the capability of adjusting to the constant changes to tax laws, thus generating high added value for your company.

  • We have the ability and the suitable tools to assist you, providing all the necessary information, thus making all your decisions simple and easy.


  • If a company chooses us and a collaboration is launched, we will assign one of our internal or external associates to be in charge of that client’s account


  • In addition to the specific associate, a second associate will be always fully up-to-date about the client’s needs. In this way, clients will always have available a high-ranking executive of our company providing our services to meet their needs, or with regard to any other subject about which they are concerned or which our company recommends being in their interest.
  • Our office’s members are always there for clients, to answer any question and resolve any issue that may concern them.


  • The office manager is fully informed on all issues of each client separately. The goal is to provide integrated services to our clients, helping them create a stable and reliable environment.


  • One of our basic advantages is that we treat each client as a unique case. We methodically approach each client individually, recommending solutions tailored to its needs.


  • Thanks to this approach, and our staff’s ongoing training, the client has a sense of security and certainty, because our company, to put it simply, has both the capacity and the suitable tools, leaving nothing to chance.