Electronic Application PCC

Launch of e-PCs for Multi-person PFollowing the successful launch on 23/7/2018 of the operation of the One Stop Shop (e-MMS) for the establishment of a remote one-person IKE and the gradual integration of all corporate types into the system, the interested in setting up and multi-person PC.

Through the HMS digital platform (http://eyms.businessportal.gr) stakeholders are now able to complete all the necessary procedures for setting up their company, registering with GEMI. and the Tax Register, from which they receive their company’s tax ID and a temporary TAXISNET key number, while EFKA is also informed of the company’s incorporation.

The above is a requirement for the founders to use the standard IKE statute and to have an electronic signature (for example TAXIS passwords). The founders use, among other things, their electronic signature to validate and sign the company’s articles of association. Upon completion of the recommendation, they will receive an electronically signed copy of the contract.

Thus, without the intervention of any public service it is possible to complete the process only by using electronic means, through an integrated digital tool.

It is noted that for those who choose e-MSC, during the first year of its operation, setting up a business will be completely free of charge, and then the cost will be 30% of the cost of setting up a One Stop Shop, with a personal presence.

During the first 50 days of operating the system, more than 150 PCs have been set up, with a minimum real time setting up of 13΄, which was potentially the minimum.

Finally, it should be noted that by the first half of 19 ‘the Service will be available for all legal forms (SA-LTD).

e-ΥΜΣ is a digital platform where the interested party makes his / her own company without having to visit any public service. (Established by article 8 of Law 4441/2016)

Currently, the platform can set up private equity companies (PCs), either single or multilevel, limited partnerships (LTDs) and limited partnerships (LTD), as well as limited liability companies (LTDs). Gradually and by the end of 2019 the other legal forms (SA) will be able to be established.

Further information on the process:



Law 4441/2016 introduced significant new changes in its operation One Stop (and e-YMS) service and more specifically the procedures below:

  1. Use of corporate seal (repealed by Law 4156/2013 par. 12 Art. 3)
  2. Tax information (repealed by Law 4441/16)
  3. Visit to DOU
  4. Visit to EFKA

* For Processes 3 & 4, the One Stop Shop Information System sends – via interface – automatically the relevant information to the entities as specified in the Annex to JMD 63577/2018.

  1. What is an Electronic One Stop Shop (e-MMS)?
  • Digital platform where the interested party sets up his / her own company without having to visit any public service. (https://eyms.businessportal.gr)
  1. Which companies can be set up via e-MSC?
  • Only one-person IKE can be set up when the platform is launched.
  • Gradually and by the end of 2019 all legal forms can be established (SA-LTD-PC-OE-EU).
  1. What are the prerequisites for setting up a company through e-ΥΜΣ:


  • Ability to deal
  • Active Greek VAT
  • Appropriate residence permit if they come from a third country and wish to stay in our country or are going to join as a regular partner in a personal company. Related legislation: Law 4251/2014 (A ’80).
  1. What is a standard statute?
  • The Statute, the content of which is expressly set forth in HR 31637 / 15.3.2017 (B ‘928), by legal form. It is only supplemented by the founders with regard to the elements that differentiate the company from others of the same type.
  • Use is mandatory for recommendation via e-MSc, regardless of corporate type.
  • If the founders do not wish to use a standard statute or there are in-kind contributions requiring a notarial form, then the founders should contact either the OGCM of any Chamber or the Notary-YMC.
  1. How can I sign the company constitution?

The statutes are signed electronically in two ways:

  • Using the founders’ passwords in TAXISNET (electronic signature)
  • Using special electronic signature equipment (approved electronic signature)

The two types of signatures have the same legal consequences.

  1. What is the cost of setting up a company through e-MMS?
  • The cost of setting up is reduced by 70% of the cost of setting up through MSM.
  • The platform has a cost calculation application before starting the recommendation.


  1. What is the process of setting up:
  • STEP 1

One of the founders or an authorized third party is authenticated via e-id or alternatively through their password and user password to access Taxisnet or another public portal and access the digital platform. Optionally, the person concerned may carry out a brand check, a DC check and a set up cost calculation before being identified by the system.

  • STEP 2

After identification, the person clicks either the Recommendations à New Company Setup route or the ‘Start a new company startup case’ icon.Then click on the “Create Recommendation Folder” icon:- Completes electronically all the elements of the standard statute,

– make an electronic pre – check and capture of a brand and a distinctive title, and

– Completes all screens with the required components

(no upload – no document or file in pdf, word, or other format is required)

  • STEP 3

Those interested in setting up a company (founders) receive an e-mail on the company application form, are authenticated in the same way and subsequently, one after the other, electronically sign the statute (see question 5). The electronic signature is a proof of validation and acceptance of all data registered in the system.

  • STEP 4

Following the signature-acceptance of the recommendation request, an online payment of the recommendation cost follows.

  • STEP 5

Request for recommendation

  1. What actions are taken automatically by the e-CMC system after a recommendation is made:

The e-YMS system:

  • Grant a GEMI number and Recommendation Registration Number (MAH)
  • Creates an electronic file in the Company’s Shareholder at GEMI
  • Provides a pair of usernames and passwords for company access to the GEMI website.
  • Transmits tax information electronically to Taxis in order for the company to register and receive VAT
  • Provides access to the TAXISNET website for the submission of a temporary lock request, so that the company can obtain a TAXISNET username and password immediately.
  • It registers the incorporated company in the material and locally competent Chamber
  • Informs EFKA on the establishment of the company
  • Issues digitally signed copies of the corporate contract and company incorporation notice and sends them electronically to applicants
  • Issues a Certificate of Payment of the Single Costs of Establishing a Company and, where appropriate, a fee in favor of the Competition Committee.
  1. What are the legal consequences of setting up an Online One-Stop Service (e-MMS)?
  • Completion of information in the e-HMS information system is in line with the article 8 of Law 1599/1986 (A ’75).
  • As a result, the posting of false or misleading information and documents carries a prison sentence as provided by law.
  • GEMI Services and Supervisory Services are required, at least every four months, to carry out a sample check of at least 5% on recommendations made through the EMS.

• In the event that the audit finds an incorrect or illegal item, the provisions of L.1599 / 1986 (A ’75) apply.