New Start

We have the answers you need

1. Are you ready for a new start?

Setting up a company may seem easy, but if you want to organise the whole endeavour properly, in order to increase the success rates and the viability of the investment, then you need trusted advisors next to you, with extensive experience, who  will offer all the support and guidance, both in the early days and later on in the course of your business.

2. How easy is it to change accountant?

The change process is very easy. You don’t have to do anything in particular, other than informing the existing Accountant, in order for any pending task to be completed in time, and to pay him the agreed fees for the services already provided.

  •  The necessary documents and information of the new client; the above protocol must expressly mention
  •  The fees for the services already provided by the previous Accountant, and that they have been paid off in any manner agreed upon.

We will dedicate all the time and associates needed for the smooth transition of your company to the next day, aiming at a mutual relationship of trust, in order to achieve a constructive and long-term partnership.

3. When is it preferable to change Accountant during the fiscal year?

Should the year end first, so the new accountant can start from the beginning of the year?You can change your accountant at any time of the year.

4. How satisfied are you by your accountant?

What does the excellent partner/accountant do for me?

  • His associates have a deep knowledge of their line of work.
  • I am informed, in time, about all the recent developments in the law concerning my business.
  • He gives me useful information and directions, in order to provide all the data and information needed for correctly completing, at a high-quality level, all the accounting works, e.g. registration, tax payment deadlines, etc.
  • I can communicate easily with him; he answers my calls quickly, and, in general, my communication with him is simple and quick.
  • I find that the philosophy in the way he works suits me.
  • I am certain about the confidentiality of my accounting office.
  • My accounting office does not cause me stress.
  • I can have the financial figures of my company at any time.
  • There are no problems in the operation of the accounting office for which proposals and solutions have not been given to me.
  • During the year, I frequently receive a forecast of profits and the corresponding tax.
  • Plans your company’s tax plan.

5. Outsourcing your accounting department to an external partner, and its benefits

Outsourcing work to third parties results in saving time, restricting operating expenses, a better business operation and organisation, and focusing on areas of critical importance.

Additionally, a company, through outsourcing, may try, integrate and use innovative applications in its operations, making the best of its cooperation with the service provision company, which would be difficult to do if a medium-sized company tried to carry out the same works internally.

Our Company, through this innovative service, offers your company the opportunity, at a comparatively low cost, to have an excellently organised system of accounting – tax consultancy services.

According to the   Taxation Procedure Code, Article 10(7), any Accountant-Tax consultant who wishes to offer his services to a new client must first receive, via a deliver-acceptance protocol, the following:

Indicative Benefits

  • Significant decrease of the operating cost
  • Experience & specialisation of the external consultant.
  • Release of resources for your company, in order to focus on its main objective.
  • Increase of quality through new technologies.
  • You are supported by a large team of experts in their respective fields, such as: Labour experts, accountants, tax consultants, lawyers, NSRF consultants, working as a Team.

Choose the right partners

Key steps for establishing a company

  • Do you have a business plan? (see figure)
  • Do you have adequate working capital?
  • Have you selected a corporate form?
  • Have you selected a partner?
  • Do you have a Consultant?
starthere01 New Start

New business endeavour

Cooperate with E.F.M., which has a well-coordinated and experienced team to support you.

In our times, when the crisis has affected nearly all of us, only the well-organised companies will manage to survive and be competitive.The selection of a suitable partner is not a spur-of-the-moment decision, but a strategic choice that will follow you for years.

E.F.M. will become your key partner from the start, and will remain a competent assistant in each step you make towards success!