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Company Services in Greece

You have decided to establish a subsidiary in Greece or you want to establish a Greek Company and you are in the process of finding a suitable firm which will undertake on your behalf the entire procedure for its establishment and operation in Greece.

The experience, abilities and reliability of E.F.M. consultants will meet even your highest standards, making you feel perfectly safe for launching this investment in Greece, from the first minute of your contact with us, and all this at a perfectly reasonable cost.

So it is not by chance that our clientele includes customers with global presence in all five continents, in Commercial, Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Service provision fields, etc.

Establishment of a Company in Greece:

We have a large team, with specialised skills, experienced and focused on the provision of high level of services.

Knowledge, Understanding, Professionalism, Patience, Discretion… 
….Words that do not mean anything to others… but mean a lot to us

Υπηρεσίες ορισμού της Έδρας μας ως έδρας της Εταιρείας σας

1.Package – Registered office services that we can provide to you:

  • Company Incorporation
  • Procedure for incorporation of Company.
  • Opening of account at a Greek Bank
  • Payment of company capital.
  • Issue of Corporate Stamp & Seal.
  • Registration of company in VIES.

2. Market Research

  • Finding work space for purchase or rental.
  • Finding and hiring staff.
  • Guidance for the supply of all necessary equipment for the operation of your company

3. Accounting – Tax consultancy – Legal Support

Guidance and advice on the above.

  • Keeping company books
  • Monthly monitoring of accounting matters.
  • Computerization

4. Reporting to your Parent Company

  •  Implementation based on your format.
  •  Design and Implementation based on customized format.
  •  Experienced team with extensive experience
  •  Advanced (M.I.S.) REPORTING systems.

5. Secretarial Support

  • If you do not require a physical registered office in Greece, we can host your company in our offices.
  • Virtual personal secretary
  • Professional address, Fax line
  • Telephone line that can be answered in the name of your company
  • Acceptance and forwarding of mail
  • Email service
  • Fully furnished and equipped office

6. Legal Support

Our legal department undertakes your support on an ongoing basis.

7. Translations / Interpretation

  • During your stay in Greece and your business visits to banks, Ministries, public services,associates, etc., we provide you with an interpreter recognized by the Greek state.
  • We also provide the possibility for official translations of your documents from your language into Greek and vice-versa.

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