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Our company has been working with EFM for the past ten years. We engage in the wholesale market of machinery in all regions of Greece. When we started our collaboration with EFM, Mr. Koliothomas and his associates, I can’t say that I didn’t have some reservations about whether outsourcing my company’s accounting department would work, because up to that time, I had a permanent employee in this position for 20 years.
Now, 10 years into our collaboration, I regret not having done this earlier. For me, EFM is today a valuable partner with deep knowledge and exemplary client service, both in tax consultancy subjects and in a great variety of other consultancy services.
I would like to warmly thank my valuable partner, Mr Thomas Koliothomas, and his entire team for what they do for me on a daily basis.

placeholder Stavros Passalis, Athens
Stavros Passalis, Athens
Wholesaler of machinery
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E.F.M. Professional Training

Professional Training

Using our extensive experience, we created professional accounting seminars, through which we transfer our experience to the young people who would like to enter the profession, essentially connecting theory to practice.

For this reason we have created and offer a list of 21 seminars with the purpose of creating executives of high professional acclaim, capable of meeting even the most demanding business demands.

Responsible for the programs of the Human Resources Consultation Services department are:

13 ΤΣΙΟΥΛΗ ΣΤΕΛΛΑ Professional Training
Stella Tsiouli
PR manager

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traning fasa Professional Training

Our Company

We welcome you to the training center of Power-Tax-Training , the new Larger Training Center in the Northern Suburbs of Athens, offering innovative professional training services to dynamic specializations of professional success at the most competitive prices.

The executives of Power – Tax – Training, with great experience in the field of accounting (with the Parent company of our Group being Accounting Firm E.F.M., organize accounting and tax consultancy seminars at their facilities in Marousssi, with the primary goal to adequately train and educate the following:

1. Graduates of Lyceum, Technical Education Center, Technical Vocational Lyceum
2. Graduates of Economics schools
3. Students with an economics orientation
4. Graduates of Private Schools – IEK with an economics Orientation
5. Entrepreneurs

Using the most advanced technological equipment, the latest teaching aids and the most modern and ergonomic furniture, we have created educational spaces, with the most advanced aesthetics and design, placing as first priority the safety and protection of our students.

training2 Professional Training

We ensure that trainees will receive Practical Training and at the same time we actively promote their professional placement through our Consultation and Career Office.
Visit our facilities to see the workshops and equipment, meet our people and become acquainted with our educational philosophy and discover why it is worth coming to Power-Tax-Training.
We ensure in the most efficient manner that our graduates enter the labour market, aiming at their professional placement, since we provide a personal guarantee of their suitabliity to Companies and Organizations.
Our graduates acquire professional knowledge and skills, which provide them with comparative advantages in the professional market and they are sought out by Businesses and Organizations.
The administrative and educational staff is always there for the trainees, even after the end of the training, to advise, assist and solve problems.
We develop collaborations with the most important businesses in each sector who seek employees from among our graduates.


E.F.M. Professional Training

Some of the programs we provide:

1. New Accountants Theory & Practice
2. Labour matters – Payroll – Adapted to New Legislation
3. Taxation Seminars – Taxation Planning
4. VAT – Special Cases
5. Intra-community Transactions – Imports from 3rd Countries
6. Analytical Accounts
7. Costing
8. Code of Books and Records
9. Overall Training of Entrepreneurs in Management, Accounting, Marketing, Banking concepts and terms, Indexes, etc.
10. Viability of Businesses – break-even point
11. Cost Reduction

EFM offers you solutions with guaranteed quality certification based on European Standards