Setting up Private Capital Company

This new form was designed to operate as a Capital Company and can be commercial, even if its purpose is not commercial.

What is a Private Capital Company?

This new form was designed to operate as a Capital Company and can be commercial, even if its purpose is not commercial. Law 4072/2012 (Government Gazette A86 – Articles 43-120) introduced a new corporate form, this of “Private Capital Company” It is mostly addressed at small and medium-sized enterprises and is a more flexible variation or evolution of the existing corporate form of Limited Company (LTD) (as established by Law 3190/1955).

Advantages – disadvantages

Find out how to choose your New Company type from an easy guide with the minimum requirements and the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Examples of Private Capital Profit Taxation

Examples of Private Capital Profit Taxation

  • Tax profit rate 24% from 2019
  • Tax profit rate 20% from 2020
  • 5%. dividend tax. The administrator’s remuneration is taxed as an employee’s income.

Insurance Contribution

Circular 21/2019 EFKA: Insurance of partners and / or Administrators of OE, EE, Ltd. and Private Capital company

Rel: Documents D.15 / D ‘/ 619/15 / 13-04-2018 and F.10141 / 44090/1189/2019 (2018) documents of the Ministry of Labor, Social Security and Social Solidarity.

Corporate Share

Partner Contributions
There are three types of contributions to IKE

  • a) Capital
  • b) Extracapsular
  • c) Guarantees

a) Capital contributions

  • They constitute the capital of the company
  • Contribute in cash or in kind only if this is an asset that can be monetized.

Comparative Table

Find out how to choose your New Company type from a handy comparative table with the minimum requirements, advantages and disadvantages of each form.

Why Private Capital Company

When setting up your business, besides your contribution to your capital and your vision, you will be faced with choosing the right legal form (Individual, General Partnership, Limited Partnership, Private Capital Company, LTD, SA, NPO). This choice is crucial as you would not wish to start your own business prospect by making your first mistake.

Basic features

The characteristics that make PC stand out from the LTD and other corporate forms are the following:

It may be composed of one or more natural or legal persons. If the recommendation is made by a natural or legal person, then we are talking about single-member PC. According to article 58 of Law 4072/2012 the manager can be a natural person. If it is a partner that is a legal entity, then it should designate a natural person as the manager.

In which way?

Following the successful launch on 23/7/2018 of the operation of the One Stop Shop (e-MMS) for the establishment
of a remote one-person IKE and the gradual integration of all corporate types into the system,
the interested in setting up and multi-person PC.

Through the HMS digital platform ( stakeholders are now able to complete all the necessary
procedures for setting up their company, registering with GEMI. and the Tax Register, from which they receive their
company’s tax ID and a temporary TAXISNET key number, while EFKA is also informed of the company’s incorporation.


What do I need to set up a Private Equity Company?
What are the stages of establishment?

Step 1: Check if a special license is required.
Step 2: Find Installation Space.
Step 3: Company Statute.
Step 4: Collection of starting documentation.
Step 5: Subscribe to the OAEE.
Step 6: Submit Documents to the One Stop Shop.

GEMI Services operating in Chambers and Certified One-Stop-Shop Citizens Service Centers (KEPs).
In special cases where either the statutes are required to be drafted by a notary, or the partners
want to be drafted by a notary, then One Stop Shop is the certified notary who will draft the notarial act.


  • Statute bearing a stamp pursuant to Article 4 of the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961 (apostille) officially translated or, if the country of origin has not acceded to the above convention, endorsed by a consular authority.
  • Certificate of Competent Authority of the country of residence of the legal entity for the existence of the company.
  • A certified copy of the power of attorney for the appointment of a legal representative or representative in Greece.
  • Συμπληρωμένα, από τον υπόχρεο, τα έντυπα «Δήλωση έναρξης/μεταβολής εργασιών μη Φυσικού Προσώπου» Μ3,  και «Δήλωση Σχέσεων Φορολογούμενου» Μ7, προκειμένου να τους χορηγηθεί ΑΦΜ.
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