NSRF Programmes

Give your business a new impetus and outlook!

Through the current NSRF support programmes, as well as the new Investment Law, we can find, on your behalf, the operational programme that best suits you, in order to guide you and to draw up your business plan with the greatest possible probability for success.

Our company’s highly-trained staff, with notable successes in their history in a broad range of similar programmes, are in a position to successfully fulfil your every entrepreneurial endeavour.

Τhe design for the implementation of your business venture includes

  • Planning, design and selection of a programme.
  • Preparation of a dossier for the financing of the Investment Programme.
  • Recording of the Company’s Business Operation Codes, for constantly monitoring programmes that are announced and the possibility of your company being included in them
  • Full evaluation of your Company’s options and proposals as to in which one your Company may be included.
  • Preparation and submission of your investment proposal, ensuring the greatest possible chances of approval.
  • Compliance with the strict timelines of each programme.
  • Constant monitoring of each implementation stage of each subsidised programme.
  • Preparation of business plans.
Προετοιμασία φακέλου για χρηματοδότηση Επενδυτικού προγράμματος ΕΣΠΑ efm

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