Reporting for Subsidiaries of Multinationals

Every month we implement a multitude of reporting, both for our foreign customers and for the Greek market. Our skilled team, with extensive experience in such types of financial reports, is in a position of implementing even the most demanding reporting for Parent companies, always within the required time limits, responsibly and correctly.

If you prefer, we can propose from among the more than 500 reports we have available, of various categories, which we are continuously supplementing

We undertake:

  • Preparation of Management Accounts – Reporting and Financial Analysis.
  • Information on Organizational Matters of the Accounting Department and Financial Management
  • Technical Transition to “Management Accounts”Αντιστοίχηση
  • Correspondence – Mapping between Greek and foreign accounting plan
  • Rules for Preparing Account Plan
  • Necessity – Obligation to keep a Computerized Accounting Department
  • Presentation of External Procedures and the Organisation Chart
  • Layout and Equipment
EFM Reporting

All our financial reports can be prepared:

  • In any file format
  •  In any language you prefer, e.g. English, French, German, Italian or any other language of your preference.
  •  They can be sent to you across the world, wherever you may be located.
  •  They can include whatever you have specified.

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