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Our company has been working with EFM for the past ten years. We engage in the wholesale market of machinery in all regions of Greece. When we started our collaboration with EFM, Mr. Koliothomas and his associates, I can’t say that I didn’t have some reservations about whether outsourcing my company’s accounting department would work, because up to that time, I had a permanent employee in this position for 20 years.
Now, 10 years into our collaboration, I regret not having done this earlier. For me, EFM is today a valuable partner with deep knowledge and exemplary client service, both in tax consultancy subjects and in a great variety of other consultancy services.
I would like to warmly thank my valuable partner, Mr Thomas Koliothomas, and his entire team for what they do for me on a daily basis.

placeholder Stavros Passalis, Athens
Stavros Passalis, Athens
Wholesaler of machinery
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Construction \ Techniques

The Accounting EFM Company with over 30 years experience, is one of the most specialized companies in the field of Accounting & Tax Consulting support construction and engineering firms throughout Greece

The construction industry has come under suffocating pressure on the construction industry, which is already suffering from the ten-year-long economic crisis, which is being exerted by the coronavirus pandemic. As industry executives describe the restrictions that have reasonably been imposed to limit the spread of COVID-19 have brought about dramatic changes in the way projects are carried out.


Summary of our Services:

  • Organization of accounting books and data
  • Special issues of construction and technical companies
  • Costing of departments
  • Separation of income and expenses for the determination of individual results.
  • Tax Planning
  • Utilization of development incentives
  • Taxation of construction and technical companies
  • Payroll Issuance & Supervision
  • Balance Sheets and Financial Statements
  • Precautionary tax audits
  • Support during tax audits

The programs that our office can offer are the follow:

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